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Campus Spotlight: NewSpring Greenville

Check out this video and let's celebrate what God is doing at NewSpring Greenville

5 reasons that Campus Pastor David Nasim is excited about what God is doing in Greenville!

1. Salvation and Next Steps Are Happening!
NewSpring Church is about people meeting Jesus and taking their next steps with him.  So far this year at the Greenville Campus, 821 people have accepted Jesus!  And 426 people have taken a next step of going public with their faith through baptism!  We celebrate these numbers because they represent people whose lives are eternally impacted!  This never gets old!

2. The 6PM Service!
On August 26 this year, we added a 6pm service at the Greenville Campus to make more room in our morning services and to reach more people for Jesus.  We are praying for 300 salvations in one year at the 6pm service alone.  So far, we've seen more than 50 people surrender their life to Christ at the 6pm service!

3. People Are Serving Every Week!
We could not do what we do on Sundays and on Wednesdays at Fuse with any level of excellence without our amazing volunteers.  Hundreds of people have embraced the core value that Saved People Serve People and they serve above and beyond with passion and excellence each and every week!  I'm so honored to participate in what Jesus is doing at NewSpring alongside all of our awesome volunteers!

4. The Next Generation!
I love being a part of a church that invests in the next generation!  Our KidSpring ministry is for children Infant through 5th grade.  We saw 777 kids attend just a few weeks ago which broke an attendance record! That is 777 kids that got Jesus on their level in KidSpring.  Also, our Fuse ministry, for middle and high-schoolers, is breaking records right and left.  Our Fuse team was praying for 100 salvations in 2012 and already, they've seen over 140!

5. The Best Is Yet To Come!
I love celebrating what God has done at NewSpring. The good news is the best is still yet to come! We are a church where change happens, and every week Jesus is changing us for the better!