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“Rebellious Return” Sermon Recap in 10 Tweets

Recap from the "Rebellious Return" sermon in 140 characters or less:

1. A church is #FullyAlive when the rebellious can return home.

2. This may be for you: It's ok to come home. God knows what you've done. He knew before He created you. Today is your day to come home!

3. DECEPTION: The first step away from God is usually the first step away from the people of God. #YouCantDoLifeAlone

4. The prodigal son ended up in a place where he never thought he would go. Sin always takes you there. But you can still come home.

5. HONESTY: As long as we call our sins "mistakes", we will never take them seriously. #FullyAlive

6. If you want to be #FullyAlive, don't pray, "Give me". Ask God, "MAKE me."

7. I don't care how far you've walked away from God, He is not afraid of your mess. He loves you. #FullyAlive

8. The Father's house should be the safest place in the world for a rebellious person to come home to. #NewSpring

9. COMPASSION: We can tell how close our hearts are to Jesus based on the compassion we have for people far from God.

10. CELEBRATION: We should be the place where celebration takes place. We should set the standard for a party when the lost come home!