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We Are The Smiths: Easter at NewSpring Image

We Are The Smiths: Easter at NewSpring

Our world can turn upside down in a moment. Downsizing. Disease. Divorce. Death. No ones knows what, when or how. But the day will come when control over our lives and our… Watch This Series

No Other Name Image

No Other Name

What is History’s Greatest Name? Watch This Series

The Hunger Games Image

The Hunger Games

Every battle begins with hunger. Whether it’s wealth, power or freedom, we’re all hungry for something.  And it’s our hunger that drives us — it’s… Watch This Series

Change Image


What is something everyone needs, but few know how to get? And usually when we need it… It’s to late. It’s discipline, perseverance, it’s daily choices,… Watch This Series

The Journey Image

The Journey

What was the life of Jesus actually like? How did the people He met experience His story and why does it matter?  We took a journey to Israel to see how the story of… Watch This Series

You Asked For It Image

You Asked For It

From interracial dating and marriage to whether or not you can lose your salvation, this eight-week series answered the most asked questions of our church. Watch This Series

Celebrate Image


Heart pounding, ground shaking and crowd roaring, you can’t help but cheer when the people around you are celebrating. We have so much to be thankful for as a church and know… Watch This Series

Step Up Image

Step Up

Our lives are all rooted in something and where we root ourselves determines how we grow. Just like roots of a tree, we have steps to take in order to grow into what God has made… Watch This Series

I Heart My Church Image

I Heart My Church

Don’t you dare think that you just have to attend or tolerate church. Church isn’t a building, it’s a movement. You can love your church and we want you to! Watch This Series

Redneck Image


In the South, there’s a word we use for hard-working, git-er-done people with the grit to do whatever it takes: Redneck. There’s a little bit of redneck in us and this series… Watch This Series