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Stop Playing it Safe

Read: Matthew 25

Whether through our jobs, schools or homes, in one place or another, we have access to some type of computer. Inevitably, something goes wrong with the device. We have to shut it down improperly, and as we boot it back up, we are prompted to start in “safe mode.” Although safe mode does permit the ability to troubleshoot in certain areas, it prohibits productivity in others. The investments we make with what the Lord has given us operate in much the same way.

Matthew 25:14-30 tells of three workers who had the choice to either play it safe or make a move. As each was called to stewardship and faithfulness, only two of the workers seized the opportunity to capitalize on the talents given them. As a result, the two workers received a double portion of their investment and were highly praised for their faithfulness. The third worker, however, made the choice of “nothingness.” This worker decided to play it safe, and he buried his portion. The lazy worker was not only severely rebuked and punished, but the resources given him were also taken away and distributed to one of the faithful workers.

As we anticipate the Lord’s return, let us remain faithful to what God has entrusted in us. As believers, we can either play it safe or we can take action. As we follow Jesus, we should not linger in “safe mode,” but instead, we should move forward in productivity.


  • What aspect of your life is still in safe mode? What is keeping you from taking action in that area of your life?
  • We are called to make wise investments with what the Lord has given us. Is there an investment of your time, talent or treasure that you can begin making today to better glorify God?


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