NewSpring Church | Gospel of Luke: 30 Day Bible Study Bible Study

Day 16

  • Luke 13
  • Psalm 46

Sitting Pretty?

Have you ever visited the home of someone who had a thing for decorative plants?

Walk in and it's hard not be impressed by their green thumb. At first glance, you'll be amazed at the number and variety of their plants. You'll marvel that each of them is at the peak of their glory, with leaves lush and flowers blooming. Until, of course, you realize the homeowner is no gardener at all. What you thought was a captivating botanical wonder suddenly becomes a plastic deception.

As Christians, we must always remember that God isn't into decorative plants; fake “Christians” that just sit there and look pretty.

In Luke 13, Jesus tells us plainly that only plants that produce fruit belong in the house of God. In Mark 11, Jesus curses a fig tree. The plant gives off the appearance of having fruit, but he is rightly disappointed when he finds it cannot feed his hunger.

So it is with everyone in our schools, our neighborhoods and our workplaces. If those in our lives who are spiritually hungry cannot find the fruit of eternal life on our branches who can blame them if they curse us?

Our infinitely good, infinitely loving God designed everything for his kingdom to have maximum glory. If we aren't fruitful “gracegivers,” we should ask ourselves whether we're truly planted in God's garden, or whether we're only fake decoration.