NewSpring Church | Gospel of Luke: 30 Day Bible Study Bible Study

Day 3

  • Luke 2
  • Psalm 33

We All Have a Role to Play

According to Shakespeare, “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.“ While I don’t get Shakespeare most of the time, I do know this: everyone has a role to play in God's plan.

Luke Chapter 2 begins with the well–known “Christmas Story“ of the humble birth of Jesus. We know of His parents, Joseph and Mary, who played lead roles in this miraculous, true drama. But consider some of the other participants who got lesser billing. There were the powerful Roman leaders who called for the census that brought Joseph and Mary to their appointed place in history. Consider the humble shepherds, so frightened at first, who became the first evangelists, praising God and telling everyone they saw that a Savior was born, the Chosen One of God.

Next is Simeon, a righteous old man who loved God and believed the scriptures that foretold the coming Savior. He sang a song, blessing the new baby Jesus, and encouraged the amazed parents, telling them that their child was special. And there was Anna, a senior citizen and widow, who volunteered on the prayer team at church. She did what she could and praised God and told others about Jesus.

After you read Luke Chapter 2, ask yourself, what role does God have for me in sharing the good news about Jesus? What can I do to make Jesus known to others? How can I encourage someone to recognize the importance of knowing Jesus?

All of us can praise God and thank Him for the wonderful gift of Jesus, the Savior of the world, the Chosen One of God. No matter our age or station in life, we all have a critical role to play for God. What can I do today, to make Jesus known to others?