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Six common questions people ask about NewSpring

By: john weirick

1. Why aren’t kids allowed in NewSpring services?

NewSpring is so passionate about children learning about Jesus in a way they can understand that we do not allow them in the adult service, which is designed for adults and students sixth grade and older.

KidSpring is designed to teach children about Jesus on their level. From birth through fifth grade, children experience safe, age appropriate environments where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way.

2. Why does NewSpring play secular music?

We are willing to do whatever it takes to reach people far from Jesus. At NewSpring, numerous people have met Jesus because a song grabbed their attention and their lives were changed. Just ask Joe Ridings. In music, like everything else we do, we provide an excellent environment that welcomes all people.

Creative Arts Pastor Lee McDerment explains it this way: “I really want everyone who hears music at NewSpring to feel drawn to Jesus. Every time we play a hymn, a worship song, or a song from the radio, the purpose behind it is always consistent: help people see Jesus.”

3. Does NewSpring teach the Bible?

Yes, we teach the Bible on Sunday and every day. We learn to follow Jesus by listening to Him and doing what He says. And the Bible is one of the primary ways God speaks to us. 

Our staff and volunteers are passionate about helping people understand the Bible and take next steps. We share devotionals, articles, and studies at We also have a number of Groups that meet to study the Bible throughout the week. 

4. Why doesn’t NewSpring have a steeple or a cross?

A church is not defined by the architecture or decorations of a building. The church is a group of people connected to Jesus and to each other (Ephesians 2:19-22). It’s more important to have the cross and resurrection of Jesus in our teaching than hanging on a wall.

5. Why do we have an auditorium, not a sanctuary?

More people understand what an auditorium is, and anything we can do to eliminate confusion and focus our guests’ attention on Jesus is a win.

God doesn’t live in a building: He is everywhere and lives in people who follow Jesus (Acts 7:48-50). We can worship Jesus anywhere we go because He isn’t confined to one room in a particular building.

6. Why doesn’t NewSpring have a singles ministry?

The best way to meet other people at NewSpring is to come to Connect. Ministries only catering to singles often become places people go to find a date rather than focus on Jesus. Church is about something much bigger than our romantic lives; it’s about more people meeting Jesus.

NewSpring focuses on three main things: Sunday services, investing in students and kids, and helping people take next steps. Rather than try to run many different ministries for people at different stages of life, we create opportunities for people to connect to Jesus and to each other by presenting the Gospel clearly and providing an event like Connect where you can find your people.


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