"Chasing Purpose" toolkit

Finding the Meaning of Life

You've probably heard this before: God created you on purpose, with a purpose, for a purpose!

Our five-week series, "Chasing Purpose," will help you make sense of what it means to live your purpose. You'll learn how to live in the joy of living out God's plan for your life.

Because God has a plan, you have a purpose

We’ve collected some things to help you dig into the teaching + share the excitement with everyone in your circles — your groups, serving teams, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

Explore the topic on your own


Top resources on purpose. [Articles, messages, stories, and devotionals | NewSpring Church.

How do I know an opportunity is from God? [Article | NewSpring Church]

Does God have a purpose for my life? [Article | J.D. Greear, Summit Church]

Calling and Vocation [Article Collection | Theology of Work]


The Key to Finding Your Purpose. [Sermon | Stacey Tarrant, from the “Be Last” Fuse series]

The Ultimate Aim of Your Adoption. [Sermon | John Piper, from the “No Ordinary Father” series]


The Me I Want to Be [ Book | John Ortberg]

The Purpose Driven Life [Book | Rick Warren]

Just Do Something [Book | Kevin DeYoung]

Don't Waste Your Life [Book, John Piper]

Do video studies with your group

“Chasing Purpose” NewSpring playlist [RightNow Media | Get your free NewSpring account]

Take a devotional journey

Ecclesiastes: A 20-Day Devotional [Study | NewSpring Church]

Promises: A 30-Day Devotional [Study | NewSpring Church]

Discover Your Purpose [Study | Dr. Tony Evans, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship]

What's Next [Study | Chris Hodges, Church of the Highlands]

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Get in the Groove

Praise God for giving your purpose, and worship anywhere — in the car, shower, cubicle, or wherever you go — with this playlist of NewSpring Worship's favorite songs of the summer.


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