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Don’t Give Up on the Church

Something repulsive takes place at the gate called Beautiful. Acts 3 records the story of a lame beggar who sits every day at the temple gate, passed by as people walk in to worship God. Those who should reach out to help count him unworthy to enter. Any meager coins he receives do not meet his needs of acceptance and transformation.

Are you like the beggar? Crippled spiritually or emotionally? Have you looked to find help at church and only experienced rejection or disappointment? Have you given up on church? Many others have been stopped at church doors or turned out of them.

Why Should You Try Church Again?

A day comes when everything changes for the beggar. Peter and John offer Jesus as they pass by; the man is healed. He finds acceptance and healing through men who have experienced the transforming power of Jesus. Religion did not know Jesus’ power. The same can be true in church today. Some churchgoers haven’t had a real revelation of Jesus’ power. This keeps them from reaching out to others the way He would. When the man went to church, many critics were transformed. People saw the power Jesus offered. Many probably accepted Jesus as their Lord. Jesus was glorified.

Don’t give up on the Church. All it takes is one interaction with Jesus to change everything. There are people like Peter and John who will share the power and love of Jesus with you. There are churches where people have seen lives changed and want to see yours changed. Yes, you may run into critics who will judge and cause conflict, but just maybe the change in you or the love you share will bring transformation in their lives as well.

God's Plan

The Church is God's plan. There is no other organization that is guaranteed to exist until Jesus comes back. The Church is where life change happens on a regular basis.  Wherever you are, and whatever situation you find yourself in, give Church a shot this weekend. All it takes is one interaction with Jesus to change your life forever.  Don't give up on the Church because God has not given up on the Church, and God has not given up on you.

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