Week One

From Monday Night Bible Study

church jesus calling

In the first week of Monday Night Bible Study, Perry takes us through Acts 1 and Acts 2. Our primary calling as Christians is to take the...

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What to remember when you think God would never pick you

purpose calling

Too often we focus our attention on all the reasons we couldn’t possibly be used by God. But what would it look like for Jesus to acknow...

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How to know if you’re living life to the full

work stress calling

I walked away from job security, a retirement plan, and excellent health insurance. Many people would say I ruined my life. What was I th...

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What If I Said No?

Jan 8, 2013

obedience serving faith volunteering calling

Keri Morgan struggled in her daily intimacy with Jesus in his word for years until a simple act of obedience unlocked faith for her and o...

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The Kid Who Turned His Back On Cool

Oct 5, 2014

students salvation calling

When Nick Mauney met Jesus, there was no one to show him there was more to life than being the coolest kid in class. Then an unexpected g...

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Sidelined For Good - Kaleb Dees’ Story

Jan 15, 2013

identity addiction rescue calling drugs

When the end of Kaleb Dees football career stripped away his man-made identity, he discovered his God-given purpose. Watch Kaleb’s story ...

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He Will Provide For Me - Carmen Castillo’s Story

Jan 1, 2012

trust provision faith calling blessing

Carmen Castillo was a broke college student who desperately wanted to do missions in Kenya. Right when she thought she was unable to go, ...

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Jesus Chooses You

From Chosen Youth

Sep 21, 2017

purpose calling self worth

Jesus wants you to know who He is. Jesus wants you to know who you are. You were made for this. Will you work with Him?

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How to wait when you know your calling

trust calling waiting

I remember the frustration of hearing from God, yet knowing I had four years of college left until I could pursue my calling. I had just...

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One thing Christians have in common with Olympic athletes

discipline calling following jesus current events

Few things grab the world’s attention like the Olympic Games. Even as someone who doesn’t follow sports and athletic events, I admit the ...

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Lost Without Community

Dec 3, 2015

community jesus calling

Rebecca Elrod wanted her relationship with Jesus to go from stronger to stronger at Clemson. But it proved lonelier and more difficult th...

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I Gave Jesus My Pain

July 23, 2013

depression anxiety healing abuse sex calling

Wesley Hogue spent his adolescence struggling with depression and anxiety until he learned to rely on Jesus’ strength, rather than his ow...

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