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2 Emotions That Can Ruin A Relationship


Numbers 12

Jealousy and insecurity are like parasites, sneaky and destructive they jump at any chance to wrap their tentacles around our hearts and our relationships. They skew motivation, warp truth, and throw rationalization out the window. They have a way of making us lose sight of the real problem, and instead, encourage us to lash out at each other.

In Numbers 12, Miriam was jealous of Moses’ leadership, and her jealousy took the form of personal attacks. She felt inferior, so she tried to tear down Moses and those close to him to compensate for that.

God knew the real problem was in Miriam’s heart. Although her words were mean, the real issue was Miriam’s attitude toward Moses’ authority and therefore God’s authority.

Miriam refused to face her own envy and pride. And often, the same is true for us. When we find ourselves in a disagreement and we feel division growing, we need to stop and look for the root. Are we on the receiving end of wrongdoing or feeling the sting of insecurity? Are we bringing up the real problem or are we attacking someone’s character?

One of the best ways to know if your heart is seeking restitution or resolution is to honestly answer this question: What do I want to see happen in this situation?

If the answer is payback, we would be wise to take a step back and confront the root of the issue in our own heart. Insecurity and jealousy are quick to make fools out of us, so let’s be quick to refuse them.


  • Is there anyone in your life that you are consistently critical of? Why do you think that is?
  • Are you experiencing division at home, at school or at work? What is the real root of that division, and how can you attack it instead of the other person?

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