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3 Basic Truths We Need to Know About Church

First, God hangs out and lives among His people. The building is not the church; God’s people are the Church. The building is the venue where God’s people gather to lift each other up, hold each other accountable, and learn how to serve. It is very important for us to know that the building on the corner is not the place where God is hanging out, patiently waiting for us to show up. He has already shown up as Jesus; and He is moving throughout our hearts and lands, building up His Church.

Secondly, our God is an every-day God. God did not design His Church to function and work together only once a week. We are the Light of the world; we are the salt of the earth - every day. Without our lives reflecting the light of Jesus, the world would be bland, tasteless and dark.There have been Sundays so filling and powerful we have said, “I wish it was Sunday every day!” What we all need to understand is this: We are the church - every day.

Finally, God wants our week to spill over into Sunday. (WHAT?) When we are disciplined enough to spend time in His word each and every day, Sundays will be much more than a time to recharge our spiritual batteries; it will be a time to find out exactly where we fit in making up His house. And once we begin to serve where He wants us, we find “Church.”


  • What is one way you need encouragement? What is one way you can begin encouraging others?
  • What is holding you back from experiencing Church every day of the week? What is one step you can take today to make this a reality?
  • Ask God to help you see and recognize your specific role in His Church.       

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