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Are You Growing in Good Soil?

“We need some good dirt,” the boy’s green-thumbed grandmother declared as they prepared to plant spring flowers.  She knew that bountiful blossoms depended upon planting seeds in “good dirt”—dirt full of minerals to feed growing plants, with sufficient moisture to sustain growing plants, well-supported and compacted to survive wind and rain, and not infested by weeds and pests that choke away life.

By comparing us to seeds for planting, Jesus teaches that our lives as His followers will produce amazing results when we plant ourselves in an environment that nourishes and sustains our faith. Being planted in good dirt starts by being connected to God’s people and God’s Word. Good dirt is not easily swept away, the same way the church has sustained for thousands of years. Good dirt is not overrun with pests, pollution or weeds, which choke our spiritual growth. In our lives, weeds often surface in the form of distraction, negativity or apathy.

In good dirt, God produces infinite good results in our lives. He changes our hearts and allows His goodness to overflow into the lives of others around us.


  • Is your life planted in good dirt? What steps can you take to nourish your faith each day?
  • What are the weeds in your life? What step do you need to take this week to weed out distraction, negativity and apathy?
  • Who do you turn to when you need support or want to celebrate? Is your next step to join a Group, to make your soil foundation stronger?

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