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Be Your Own Preacher


Psalm 103

Fall is upon us; school is back in session, and summer’s spare time has disappeared! When our daily lives become busy or a little more stressful than usual, certain routines fall to the wayside. Maybe, we don’t eat as well or clean the house as much as we should. But, what about our time with God?

Especially during more stressful times in our lives, it is easy to forget to read our Bible and pray and to become overwhelmed when the voice of God isn’t clear. At these moments, we can follow David’s example in Psalm 103 and preach to ourselves.

In this psalm, David uses his own voice to remind himself to praise God and why (Psalm 103:1-5, Psalm 103:22). When our hearts are heavy, praising the Lord is not always the first thing on our minds, but through David we see the power that God puts in our own voices. It’s okay to need a reminder. After all, we are only human!

Reflecting on God’s majesty and amazing works, as David does in Psalm 103:6-14, renews our strength. And, it leads us naturally to praise God, like David goes on to do in Psalm 103:15-19. The more we reflect on Him, the stronger our relationship with Him will become!

What could this look like in our daily lives? When we’re late to work and still have to drive the kids to school, we can remind ourselves that God gave us the opportunity to get a job and the means to drive a vehicle. Praise Him! When money is tight and tithing seems impossible, we can remind ourselves of the wonderful blessings God showers on His obedient children. Praise Him! In the midst of trials and suffering, we can read Psalm 103 and take the time to remind ourselves of God’s majesty and perfect will. Praise Him, and our strength will be renewed.


  • Can you recall a recent time when you had the opportunity to “preach” to yourself? Did you take it?
  • After reading through Psalm 103, what is one example you can find of God’s love and compassion in your own life that you can reflect on in difficult times?

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