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Clues About God

We are surrounded by advertising telling us there are things we can’t live without. Often, products are touted far in advance of their availability to create anticipation and demand before the product is actually for sale.

Today, we look back at Jesus’ earthly life as fact. Before His time, people didn’t have all the facts, but they had clues and signals leading to anticipation. Israel, God’s chosen people, had escaped from being slaves in Egypt but were virtually destroyed by other foreign armies. They needed hope and courage. They had no flashy advertising, but they had messengers of God—prophets—like Jeremiah who said, “the days are coming” when a “Righteous Savior” and a “King” would be among the people of Israel (Jeremiah 23:5-6).

Jeremiah 23:7-8 explains that this savior and king would see the people though their circumstances to better days ahead. History shows that God did exactly what He said He would do in Jeremiah. Ultimately, Jesus showed up—the foretold “Righteous Savior” and king. He delivered the people of Israel from desperate circumstances.

Just as Jesus changed the lives of the people of Israel, He is still doing it today.  God surrounds those far from Him with clues and signals that He wants a relationship with them through Jesus.  When people accept God’s offer, they are freed to live above their circumstances and experience the life of abundance that only Jesus can provide.


  1. What clues pointed you to God before you even became a Christian?
  • How are you showing God’s clues and signals to others who need hope?
  • If you don’t know Jesus as the one who saved you and changes you, talk to someone in the Care Room after a Sunday service or email

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