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Come Out of the Shadows


2 Samuel 9

Mephibosheth is born into a wealthy and prominent family with a future that is secured. This grandson of King Saul and son of Jonathan is in line to be the King of Israel. 

But his royal destiny crumbles before it gets started. At age 5, and in the span of one day, both his father and grandfather die in battle and he is permanently crippled (2 Samuel 4:4). Stripped of his destiny and his life now in danger, the would-be king flees his home and lives a marginalized life in the shadows. 

What Mephibosheth doesn't know is that a royal future is still intact and waiting for him. King David seeks him out, invites him to live in the palace and thus fulfills his promise to honor Jonathan's family. 

God seeks us out and offers us forgiveness of sins and a place in heaven.

David’s invitation to Mephibosheth is a beautiful picture of the invitation God gives to us. God seeks us out and offers us forgiveness of sins and a place in heaven. Our own broken lives may make us feel unworthy or even afraid to approach God. But just like David fulfilled his promise to honor Jonathan’s family, God fulfills His promise to honor those who put their trust in Jesus (Romans 10:9-10). 

A greater reception than the one David gave Mephibosheth waits for all who receive God’s gifts through trusting in Jesus—not because we deserve it, but because of God’s promise (Ephesians 2:8-9).


  • Has there been a moment when you have stepped out of the shadows into a relationship with Jesus? If not, you can do it today.
  • The Bible is full of God's promises for those who have a relationship with Him. Is there a promise that you need to cling to today?
  • Reading the Bible daily helps us to remember God’s promises to us. What is one step you can take to commit to reading the Bible every day?

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