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Defying Obstacles

In college, I attended a debate between an atheist and a professor of apologetics -- an expert in defending Christianity through logic and reasoning. Throughout the discussion, the non-believing man treated belief as silliness. After making a statement about how foolish it is to believe in events that defy the laws of physics, the apologetics professor told this story:

Two 5-year-old boys were playing in the kid’s section of a pool, where the water was only a couple feet deep. One boy kept stepping off the side into the pool, and each time he looked disappointed. He told his friend he was trying to walk on the water. Finally, the boy’s father came over, and holding each of his son’s hands, the father supported his son’s weight as he stepped across the surface of the water.

The other boy immediately said, “That’s not fair, your dad helped you!”

The boy who had just walked on water smiled really big and said, “Yep!”

The story put the whole debate into perspective. It’s silly to believe we’re capable of doing something miraculous by our own power. But when the One helping us is greater than the obstacles we face, we’d be silly not to believe in miracles.

The apologetics professor finished by saying, “Jesus knew His dad would get Him across the water.” As Christians, we too, are sons and daughters of God. And our Heavenly Father wants to perform miracles in us, through us and around us, just like He did when Jesus walked the earth. Will you believe for a miracle today?


  • When’s the last time you asked God for miracle? What big prayers do you need to pray today?
  • Peter lost his footing when he took his attention off of Jesus. What tends to pull your focus away from the Lord? What can you do to keep focused on Jesus daily?

The Sea of Galilee


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