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Dependency Is OK


Psalm 33

Dear Lord, when will this get easier, so I won’t need You so much?

Without realizing it, we can want to get to where we don’t need God. Society teaches us to rely on ourselves and find our answers within. We take pride in not needing others and being self sufficient. This may work when things are going well, but not when tragedy strikes.

It often takes a great need before we turn our heads toward God, but God wants us to rely on Him even before we need Him.

How do we depend on God when we don’t feel like it? In Psalm 33, David sets a great example of how remembering who God is helps us depend on Him. He celebrates who God is by pointing out:

  • His words are right and true.
  • He is faithful.
  • He loves righteousness and justice.
  • He fills the earth with unfailing love.
  • He made the heavens and earth with mere words.
  • He has command over all the plans of all nations.
  • He has given us an inheritance.
  • He made us and cares for us.
  • He is our help and shield.
  • He is our hope.

God made us, loves us, and sustains us. When we depend on Him, He will see us through anything.

Often we think we’re trusting in God, but our words and actions show otherwise. What would our lives look like if we really believed that God is as faithful as David says He is in Psalm 33? What would we do if we knew we couldn’t lose in Christ?


  • Are you spending time in God’s Word?
  • What is one truth about God you need to remind you to depend on Him?
  • Find a verse and a place to put it up in your house. It may be a mirror in the bathroom or on the kitchen fridge.

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