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Directing Your Passion

Reading any of the Psalms written by David gives us tools to navigate the emotional realities that we live in. What we tend to do while reading these truths is assume they already have the answers, the words we read are there because they are supposed to be and they have not been tested. This is not true, however. The Bible heroes we look up to were just like us, with real mess-ups, insecurities and passions.

David was a passionate man, following the impulses of his heart. If it set his heart on fire, he went after it. Given that we know his past after reading the records of his life, it is evident that he didn’t always go after the most reasonable things. Due to this, he often found himself in a place of regret.

Things changed for him when he decided to make his passion the heart of the God who loved him and cared for him since his birth. This did not mean he stopped desiring other things, but instead shows he learned what really mattered and went after it instead.

Humanly passions are not evil until they are given free reign apart from the heart of God. Once you are a Christian, you are not controlled by your sinful nature any longer, but by the spirit God has given you through His son Jesus Christ. Today, ask His spirit which of your passions need to be turned in the direction of the heart of God. This is a step toward the abundant life your Father has offered you. Anyone, like David, can still be one after God’s own heart despite the decisions made in the past. Choose devotion over emotion today. It is never too late.


  • What passions do you have that are not turned toward God's heart?
  • What passions do you have that are?

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