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Doing Nothing Does Something

Proverbs 19:15 warns us against two consequences to laziness: the immediate consequence and the eventual consequence. The immediate consequence is that a lack of diligence now leads to a lack of provision later. In 2 Thessalonians 3:10, Paul warns us against this kind of behavior as well, simply stating that if you are unwilling to work, you will not eat! An unwillingness to work means that someone else will feel obligated to work for their provision and yours. That is not benefiting from someone's generosity; it is taking advantage of others.

The second consequence to laziness is eventual. Spiritual laziness now leads to spiritual hunger later. When Christians choose daily tasks above time with the Lord, we are starving ourselves of renewal. If sleeping for an extra thirty minutes instead of reading our Bibles, praying, and seeking after the Lord becomes an everyday habit, we will be left spiritually hungry.

When Christians go spiritually hungry, our livelihoods are also affected. Not only does every daily task become exhausting and every relationship become a burden, but life itself becomes overwhelming. Spiritual hunger can only be remedied by diligent obedience. By taking steps, such as waking up ten minutes earlier to read our Bibles or picking up a calendar to help us better manage our time, we can be sure to keep ourselves from becoming spiritually hungry.


  • Does the term "spiritually hungry" describe your life? If so, what is something you can begin doing today to help you become more obedient in your time with God?
  • What is one decision are you actively making to be spiritually diligent (or "diligently obedient")? How has this decision impacted your relationship with Christ?

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