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Don’t Waste Time on This World

Fashion magazines tell us what’s beautiful. News anchors tell us what diseases or people to fear, and bloggers give us a million reasons why common household items may be the death of us.

Every week it’s something new. We grow increasingly frustrated as we try and fail to live up to ideals that were unattainable to begin with. Society’s changing standards are the idols many of us are worshiping. They “can do no harm nor can they do any good” (Jeremiah 10:5).

Idols have power because we give them power. God has power because He is powerful. Jeremiah 10:6-10 describes several characteristics of who God is. God is great. He is mighty in power. He is one of a kind. He made everything. And, the nations cannot endure His wrath. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and fearful of a God with that kind of power. Instead, God tells us to let our fear drive us to seek Him first.

God is powerful, but God is also good. He doesn’t use His power to crush us, but to correct us. God didn’t have to give Israel so many opportunities to change. He did because He loves His people and does not wield his power carelessly.

We spend so much time worshiping and fearing things we created when there is a God bigger than anything on this earth who wants the best for us. God’s ability to direct our lives is infinitely better than our own or the world around us. The decision we face is the same one Jeremiah posed to Israel: Who will we listen to?


  • Is there any area of your life where you’ve been relying on something other than God to give you value or purpose? What is it?
  • How does trying to live up to worldly standards differ from seeking your identity in Christ?

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