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Get Rich Quick Or Be Rich Forever

Material wealth is glorified in America. Commercials and ads promise more happiness when someone buys their product. Regardless of whether they are selling money, faster cars, hotter relationships or bigger retirement, the message is clear — more is better.

Revelation 18 provides a picture of what happens when a country sets its focus on these things. Babylon pursued riches and worldly conveniences, and in a moment they were gone. When Babylon lost its wealth, the merchants who took advantage of prosperity lost their income and their identity (verses 11-15). This chapter in Revelation stands as a warning to Christians to guard their hearts and minds against the false promises of this world.

Christians are called to set their eyes on things that are of God, not things of this earth (Colossians 3:2; Matthew 6:19-21). God wants us to focus our desires on treasures that are important to Him. When we focus on the things that matter to God we create treasure for ourselves that cannot be stolen. The joy we receive from serving God can’t be overcome.

Matthew 6:21 tells Christians the easiest way to know our hearts is to look at the treasures we pursue. A heart whose identity is built on a relationship with Jesus will pursue Him and follow His word. A heart whose identity is not built on Jesus will pursue riches and things of earth. The heart focused on Jesus will stand in the end, but a heart fixed on the things of this world will be lost, as the merchants were in Revelation.


  • What treasures does your heart value?
  • What does God treasure?
  • What is your next step in your relationship with Jesus?

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