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Getting Some Answers

I’ve disagreed with my kids for years about my ex-husband’s lifestyle choices and their reaction to him. I perceive what’s going on as clearly in violation of Christ’s principles. I want them to be equally appalled. They aren’t. As a mom, I felt like their unconditional acceptance and love for their dad was a rejection of me and of my belief in living by God’s laws, a rejection of doing the right thing.  

God showed me my error in 2 Timothy 2:22-26. I have been engaging in foolish arguments with an unkind and resentful spirit. By arguing with my kids, I was trying to write God’s laws on their hearts myself. It’s been an epic failure. Verse 25 says “Those who oppose him (Jesus) HE must gently instruct...” It’s not my place to instruct on this; it’s Jesus’s job. I’m just getting in His way.

Timothy knew a thing or two about teaching.  He is mentioned throughout the New Testament as a messenger from Paul, an ambassador if you will. Sometimes he brought encouragement, other times admonishment. He had to know how to deal with all sorts of people and situations. His advice is to let Jesus do the teaching.

In my life, that meant stepping back and trusting God to change my kids’ hearts on His timeline not mine. But what about you? Are you engaging in foolish arguments that lead to quarrels? Or, are you the person who listens quietly because you’re afraid gently teach your opponent what Jesus wants for him? Your next step could be walking away from a fight or mustering up the courage to speak. The common denominator in both is the belief that God alone can convict hearts and lead others to repentance.

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