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God Will Use You

When Moses sees an Egyptian beating up another Hebrew, he intervenes and kills the Egyptian. We can probably identify with Moses’s desire to protect his fellow man. When someone hurts us or those we care about, we want to get them back for their wrongdoing. But just because we feel something doesn’t make it right.

It is not our place to exercise justice; that’s God’s job. Our role is to show restraint. Moses messed up big time, but thankfully the story doesn’t end there. God chose Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. God picked Moses, and there was no changing His mind. Moses asks, “Who am I that I should do this?” and God answers him. When Moses asks, “What if they ask who sent me?” God has an answer.  Later on, Moses doubts his ability to speak and God, again, has an answer.

God picked out Moses, knowing he would kill the Eyptian and knowing he would doubt.  Christians, like Moses, are already chosen. Your past does not determine your future.

We all react poorly sometimes. We cut people off in traffic. We lose our patience with our kids.  Isn’t it encouraging to know that even if we mess up, God still has a purpose for us? And like we saw with Moses, God will provide we what we need when the time comes. He did that for Moses, and He will do the same for us.

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