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Got Revelation?

We make many decisions based on unreliable information. We choose schools, careers and relationships based on what our culture, family traditions or emotions tell us. Problem is, these sources are always changing.

In order to make wise decisions, we must seek God’s counsel. He made it all, knows it all and never changes. God is constantly communicating with us because He wants us to understand His creation. In Psalm 19, we learn that God reveals Himself in two major ways, through natural revelation and special revelation.

Everything about our world points us to God. Psalm 19:1-6 says the heavens proclaim the work of His hands, reaching every place on Earth, therefore reaching every person. Sunshine, for example, is experienced by everyone on Earth. Even if you’re blind and cannot see it, you still feel the heat and experience God’s natural revelation.

God also reveals Himself through special revelation such as the Bible. David recognized that God’s word is good for us, and it changes us for the better. It can heal hurts, build character, cleanse our minds and create faith. David responded to the written word through prayer, desiring for his words and his thoughts to be pleasing to God (Psalm 19:14).

God’s word is perfect, helping us become wise so we are not easily led astray by unreliable sources. David realized God’s teachings are more desirable than money because money does not satisfy. Through Scripture, we can know God and have a relationship with Him and that does satisfy. By spending time with God, we receive fresh revelation daily, so our words, thoughts and actions can be pleasing to Him.

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