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How to train your replacement

We have the choice of equipping the people that come after us or being a roadblock in their path. Aging out of a system or being asked to step down can cause us to scramble with a loss of vision. With any change, it’s easy to become a hamster on a wheel with a lot of movement, but going nowhere, if we fail to see the opportunity within the changing of the guards. 
In Deuteronomy 3:21-29, we have the picture of Moses passing the baton of leadership to Joshua. A disheartened Moses had the choice to mourn the loss of being denied the promised land or encourage the next leader, Joshua, to take his place. We have to appreciate Moses’ struggle as he pleads with the Lord to see the people to their destination, but admire the man who goes forth and chooses to equip Joshua amidst his disappointment.

Like Moses, we can find ourselves in a crossroads faced with the decision of mourning the loss of the past or using our experiences to train those who will come after us. God will raise up the next generation to take our place with or without our help. It’s our decision to make a difference or sit on the sidelines of life and criticize. Each day we make the choice to encourage or discourage. 

Our words have the power to develop or deflate.

The sooner we realize the power of our words to uplift, the greater our impact can be. A simple note, card, or text can make the difference between helping infuse a Joshua with courage to defeat a land of giants, or wander around the desert for another 40 years. Our words have the power to develop or deflate.

Let's not be Christians who occupy space in the church becoming “spiritually obese” with knowledge, but rather impart and use that knowledge we’ve gained for the betterment of those around us. 


  • Have you ever felt threatened by someone and withheld your blessing and/or encouragement from him or her? Who, and why? 
  • What is one way you can be more intentional to support and encourage this person?

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