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Humility Isn’t Normal


Psalm 25

Have you ever tried to share information with someone who wouldn’t listen, teach someone who didn’t want to learn, or correct someone who preferred doing wrong?  Or, have you been the one not listening, not learning, or not willing to change for the better? Imagine the frustration you caused the person who wanted what was good for you. The unwillingness to listen, learn, and change demonstrates a lack of humility.

Although David, who wrote Psalm 25, had struggles in life, he also had reason to be full of himself. His lineage, knowledge, and position were all to be esteemed. It would have made sense if he struggled to be humble, but he writes in Psalm 25:8-9 that God, because of His goodness, “instructs sinners in his ways” and “guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.” God does what He does because of who He is, not because of what we deserve. David humbly asks in Psalm 25:11, “For the sake of your name, LORD, forgive my iniquity, though it is great.” David didn’t ask for forgiveness because he deserved it, but because his humility would bring glory to God.

Effective communication with God and others requires humility. Being humble means we maintain a willingness to listen and change. This humility does not come naturally, but it is necessary for healthy relationships, including our relationship with God. We pray and believe He is ready, waiting and willing to hear whatever we have to say. But, it has to go both ways. Even followers of Jesus sometimes complain that God is not answering. Often, it’s because we are willing to talk—but not listen, learn, or turn away from sin because to do so would be to humble ourselves. Pride is easy. Humility isn’t normal.


  • Do you struggle with pride in relationships?
  • Is there an area of pride in your life that is interfering with your relationship with God?
  • What is one way you can make humility a part of your life?

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