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Is God your last resort?

Ever have one of those days? You know, when something goes wrong, and you think, “At least it can’t get any worse,” but then it does get worse. 

What happens when that bad day seems to get stuck on repeat with no end in sight? If you’re a problem solver, you might start to formulate a plan, only to see the next wave of trouble crush it like a castle of worthless sand. If you’re relational, you might call up your friends to ask advice that leads to nothing helpful. 

Maybe as a last resort you pray. 

That may be what happened to King David.

In 2 Samuel 21, Israel was struck by a famine that lasted 3 years. As king, it was David’s responsibility to take care of his people. The Bible doesn’t tell us exactly what he did for the first 3 years, but we can imagine that he, too formed plans that obviously failed — because the famine continued. As a leader, he most likely had advisors he turned to, but their plans also failed him. 

After 3 years of watching his people starve, the Bible says, “David sought the face of the Lord” (2 Samuel 21:1). 

Finally, after 3 years of struggle, David gave it to God in prayer. David sought advice from God — who made him, who is above it all, who loved him, and who had real answers. David listened to God, and the famine ended after 3 years of struggle. 

But, what would have happened if going to God had been David’s first response instead of his last resort? What would be different in our lives if going to God was our first response? 


  • Is prayer your first response or your last resort during difficult times?
  • Why is it so hard to seek God sometimes? Is it shame and the idea that we brought it on ourselves?
  • What is one thing you need to pray about, and then listen to Jesus and do what He says?

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