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Is Impulse Impacting Your Future?

When you make money, do you budget and plan where every dollar will go? Or, do you keep a running tab of how much is in your accounts and spend whenever you feel like it? As tax-return time comes around, most people are already planning the big purchase they'll make with their refund. Proverb 21:20 says, “the wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.” What that looks like today is getting a refund check and spending it all immediately without saving a portion of the money.

A lot of spending problems exist today. We have a lot of things pulling at our bank accounts and have little leftover. But that’s not how God wants us to live. God wants us to live in freedom as a result of the blessings that come from spending money His way.

God has unbelievable blessing He can give, but He can only bless what we have. If we have $10 for Him to bless, He can make it $100. But if we have $100 for Him to bless, He can make it $1,000. The beauty of God’s blessing is He gives us a lot to glorify Him. If we hold on to some of our money, He can bless it in more ways than if we blow it as soon as it hits our bank account.


  • Think of one time you spent a large sum of money on impulse. Did negative or positive consequences follow that quick decision?
  • What one thing can you do today to wisely plan large purchases in your future?
  • What is your financial next step? Get support and suggestions here.

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