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Killing the cancer

In Luke 22:1-6, the religious leaders begin plotting to kill Jesus. They were angry at Jesus for lots of things — for calling out their sin, for kicking out the temple merchants, for not playing by their rules — but most of all they were jealous. As Jesus’s fame grew, their power and influence shrank. They were envious, and they wanted Him dead.

Maybe you’ve never wished someone dead, but we’ve all experienced jealousy on some level. And if we’re not careful to squash jealousy when it starts, it will eat us alive. Proverbs 14:30 says, “A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body; jealousy is like cancer in the bones” (NLT).

When a doctor removes cancer, he goes straight to the tumor site. Ridding our hearts of jealousy isn’t that different. We have to deal with the root issue. Jealousy is often a good indication that our value is based on something other than who we are in Jesus. For example, the religious leaders based their identity on their social status. As soon as power started slipping away, jealousy started creeping in.

Power, money and social status are temporary. They will never bring our hearts peace. But when our value is based on our status as God’s children, our worth is secure. We no longer need to compare ourselves with others or fight for status, because God loves each of us immeasurably. He made us unique, and He has a personal plan for each of us.


  • Do you struggle with jealousy? What are some of the regrets jealousy has led you commit?
  • With God’s help, we can control our thoughts and attitudes. Romans 12:2 says our ability to know God’s will comes from a transformed mind. How can you begin to transform your mind today?

The field on the right is believed to be the field purchased with Judas' blood money, the "Field of Blood." Even today no one will build on it.

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