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Knock Knock

This week in Daily Devotionals we are going to look at evangelism in scripture! We are asking God to save 3,000 people at NewSpring Church, and all of us are going to have to move out of our comfort zone to see this happen. As you pray through the Pray for 3k guide and read devotionals about evangelism, think about who YOU should invite to church this weekend.

Revelation 3:20

The first time I attended NewSpring, the message was about how Jesus wants to be in relationship with us. He was knocking at my door, and all I had to do was open up. I’d been in Anderson about a month, and my spiritual life wasn’t my top priority. I was a believer, but I had my doubts. I figured the best way to face them was not to face them at all. Plus, life was good. I was fitting in and having fun.
Revelation 3:14 says Jesus is “the faithful.” He’s not just faithful. He is faithfulness. We may turn our backs on Jesus, but He does not — and cannot — do the same. He is right there, knocking on the door we’ve closed. Perhaps softly at first, but then as loud as it takes to get our attention and draw us back into His arms.

When I heard that message seven years ago,  I had been doing my own thing, going my own way. I had buried my convictions deep in my heart. If that sounds like where you are today, remember that Jesus is ever faithful, no matter what we do or do not do. Open the door to your heart, and experience His mind-blowing, heart-changing fellowship.

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