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Learning to Follow

Most wives want their husbands to lead spiritually. They just find it difficult to wait on their husbands to step up. Wives can race ahead of their husbands and hinder the work God wants to do in them. We can do them a great disservice.

Consider Sarah, Abraham’s wife. She knew God promised Abraham that he would be “the father of a great nation…” (Genesis 12:2, NLT) and have a son of his own. But more than 10 years later when they had no son, she got tired of waiting on God and him. She told Abraham to sleep with her servant, Hagar, who conceived and delivered Ismael.

For the next 13 years, life in the Abraham family was rocky. Sarah and Hagar didn’t get along. Then, when God miraculously gave Sarah and Abraham the son He’d promised, the brothers didn’t get along. Abraham’s house just wasn’t big enough for two women, so Hagar and Ishmael were sent packing. But God took care of them.

I wonder what might have happened if Sarah had just waited on God. Would she have saved her marriage 13 years of difficulty? Would the promises and blessings have come sooner? As a type-A woman who’s been married for 33 years, I’ve had to learn to wait on and follow my husband. I still don’t get it right at times. But as I’ve attempted to let God do the work (and resisted being my husband’s “personal Holy Spirit”), God has transformed him from a shy young man with a tendency to lay back and lay low to a bold, spiritual leader whom I’m proud to follow.

Wives, wait, pray and work on lining up behind God and your husbands. Leaders can’t lead if there’s no one following. You’ll reach your goal of being married to a spiritual leader quicker than if you take matters in your own hands.

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