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Did Jesus Play Favorites?

On "Undercover Boss," a reality show on CBS, a CEO or business owner goes undercover to spend time working alongside regular workers within the company. It’s fascinating to watch minimum wagers form bonds and swap stories with multi-millionaires. One has to wonder though: Would these authentic exchanges would take place if the workers knew who they were talking to?

We've all passed judgment or played favorites at one time or another. Society places fame and power over hard work and humility. Americans have been known to treat people differently based on ridiculous things: skin color, political affiliation and church denomination. But James 2:1 says, Christians should “not show favoritism.” Instead we should follow the command to “Love your neighbor as yourself” (James 2:8).

If we are to be Jesus's hands and feet, we must first see as he sees. Jesus knew our faults and died for us anyway. His love is not hindered by our imperfections. How is our love for our brothers and sisters in Christ? Are we playing favorites?


  • Think about the people you are around at work, church, or elsewhere. Are you guilty of showing favoritism? 
  • What types of people do you find yourself showing little mercy towards?
  • What sin could God be trying to remove in your own heart?

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