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Miracles Happen When We StepUp

What would cause Barnabas to sell his land and place the money at the feet of the church leaders? The answer lies in Acts 4:33, “God’s grace was powerfully at work in them all.” The first church was growing at an incredible rate. The total number of believers jumped from 120 (Acts 1) to around 20,000 (5,000 males) almost overnight. The church did not settle, 20,000 was just the beginning, God had even greater things in store.

God called men and women from to join in something larger than themselves, a movement that would change the world forever. Life change was happening in thousands and everyone had a part to play. Barnabas’ calling and opportunity was to give generously, and step up as a leader (Acts 9, 11).

NewSpring Church has a mission to reach 100,000 for Jesus. We have seen 13 years of life change, and thousands of eternities have been impacted. God is just getting started, He has even greater things planned for His church than we can imagine. How will you step up as the movement continues? Romans 12:6-8 lays out a list of gifts that all of us have been given to contribute to the church. To those like Barnabas who have been given the gift of generosity, we are commended to “give generously.” Because people gave in Acts, the church continued to change the world.

A huge mission (to reach the world) will always require huge resources. But, there is only one investment that can promise life change: the Church. Barnabas gave generously because the church changed his life forever, and the lives of his friends, family, and neighbors. What will happen when the believers at NewSpring Church are of “one heart and mind”? Will you step up and lead the way as we witness the power of God?

• What can we learn from the first church about their refusal to compromise or settle?
• How do you know if you have the spiritual gift of giving? How should you respond?
• Since day 1, great movements in the Church have been accompanied by generosity. Why do you think that is?

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