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No Man Is an Island

Jesus was fully God, yet He did not do life alone! Jesus chose a motley crew to be His disciples. These were ordinary, working class men who were far from perfect. Judas ended up betraying Jesus and turning Him over to be executed. Peter denied Jesus publicly, Matthew was a cheater, and Thomas refused to believe Jesus rose from the dead until he touched Jesus’ side.  Despite that, Jesus still chose them all to follow Him.

In choosing these 12 to be His disciples Jesus models three important truths:

  1. We cannot do life alone. Jesus did not enter public ministry until He had His “people” lined up. The disciples were closest to Jesus. They traveled with him, provided direction to the crowds, and served as bodyguards and friends. We cannot do what God calls us to without people around us.
  2. People will let us down. Jesus knew the disciples would betray Him before selecting them. Jesus modeled forgiveness in the way He loved the disciples. When we open our lives to others we run the risk of being hurt, but we can take comfort in the example of Jesus offering forgiveness.
  3. God can use anyone to spread the Gospel.  In Matthew 10, Jesus gives the disciples the authority to act as His ambassadors. They healed the sick and preached the Gospel. The Holy Spirit gave the disciples direction and the words to speak. That same gift is available to all Christians. God equips those He calls.

Whenever you’re tempted to think you can’t make a difference, to believe you don’t have the skills to do what God’s called you to, or to give into the temptation to quit, remember this: No one is beyond God’s ability to use.


  • Are you trying to do life alone? Who do you lean on when times are tough and celebrate with times are good? Maybe your next step is to join a group or get involved in the church.
  • Relationships are messy, but Jesus showed us they were still worth pursuing. Is there someone you need to forgive, or someone you need ask forgiveness from?
  • Who do you know that needs to hear the Gospel? What can you do this week to help those around you learn who Jesus is?

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