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Out of Time

“What time is it?”

“WIll we get there in time?”

“It’s about time you cleaned your room!”

“I guess it was just his time.”

Time regulates and controls our lives much more than we would like to admit. We associate the majority of each day with the movement of the clock, even down to the tick, tick, tick of the ever-moving second hand. It would be difficult to wrap our minds around what a day would be like without the influence of time.

Since birth, we have been conditioned to beginnings and endings. This is all we have ever known: day and night, start and finish, birth and death. And there are three lessons this life teaches us about our existence on Earth: 1) our time begins, 2) our time never pauses, and 3) our time eventually runs out. These are as inescapable as they are real.

But those who have put their trust in Jesus have the Hope of His second coming. When Jesus rose from the grave, He proved death can be conquered. When He returns, God’s children who have “fallen asleep” (or have died) will rise first to be changed; then those who are alive will be changed in a blinding flash. We will all have bodies just like His.

In an instant of time, death will completely be defeated. There will be no more sadness, no more pain, and no more death. Thanks be to God! “He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ" (v.57).



  • Time is one of our most valuable resources. How are you spending yours to grow closer to Jesus and help reach others for Him?
  • Have you ever put your trust in Jesus? If not, why?

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