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Overwhelming Choices

Here is a challenge that will only take a moment. Turn on your TV, pull up your social media feed or pick up your favorite magazine.  How many personalities are encouraging you to buy into their belief system?  Whether it be a choice baby name, a particular fashion trend, or just a new fad religion, how do you decide on which to bestow your respect and ideals?

The concept of idols has been around as long as history records indicate. In Acts chapter 17, Paul touches on the subject of idols and false gods. Paul tells the people of Athens he noticed their many altars, one which was inscribed ‘To an Unknown God’ (v. 23).  Paul explains the one true God is our Heavenly Father, the One who created this very universe and each one of us.  Paul also explained that God sent his son to die and be resurrected, so that we may believe His truths and demonstrate his teachings in our lives. His speech was met with mixed reaction; some Athenians laughed, some asked to hear more about God but several were saved and became believers (v. 34). 

We were created to spread the Good News. We are commanded to spill all knowledge and truth from the Bible and to be the living proof that God does exist and He is the one true God.  There are many different religions and even more types of religious people.  Our choices are endless.  We must choose our values and beliefs wisely.  The only option is to follow the truth, which only comes from reading our Bible and following Christ.  While we are bound to be met with skeptics and non-believers, God will reward our stewardship as we lead others to Him and prove He is sovereign and holy.


  • What areas in your life are you following what the world says to do instead of God’s truth?
  • As you go about your daily schedule and routine, how can you be certain to keep your eyes focused on Christ and His teachings?

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