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Progress Starts With Me

In Nehemiah 10, Jerusalem’s wall is rebuilt and in celebration for all that God did, the people restored their commitment to following God’s commands. They had fallen short on their end of the covenant, but they were committed to honoring God with their relationships, their time and their resources from here on out.

When we ask Jesus into our lives, we make a similar commitment. Our sin is erased once and for all, and our relationship with God is restored. And just like God’s love and provision caused Israel to recommit to following His leadership, the undeserved payment for our sin moves us to follow Jesus’ leadership.

When the Jews assumed responsibility for caring for the church and carrying out God’s commands, it was a way of showing their commitment to God. The work of building a wall was done, just like the work of salvation is already done.  But the decision about how we will respond to it is up to us.

Following Jesus should affect our relationships, our time and our money, the same way it did for Nehemiah and the people of Jerusalem. I’m sure there were days when the people wanted to sell grain on the Sabbath, just like there are days when we want to sleep in instead of coming to church. There was probably more than one heart broken when a father told his daughter she couldn’t marry the boy down the street. And giving offerings were just as scary back then as they are for us today.

With each decision to say yes to Jesus, we have the opportunity to experience a miracle. When we give, we get to see God provide. When we obey, we get see God bless. And when we make relational sacrifices, we make room for the better plan God has in store.

Assuming responsibility will cause us to sacrifice, but when we consider that Jesus gave us everything, we stop worrying about what we’re giving in return.


  • Can you think of a time when you were in awe of all Jesus has done for you?
  • Are there things in your life that need to be surrendered to Jesus?
  • Do you have difficulty “assuming responsibility” for your spiritual life?


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