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Put An End To Your Identity Crisis

Does your character fluctuate with the clock? Do you act one way at work, but another way at home? Do your morals change while you’re out to dinner with friends or on the golf course with your buddies? This is what it means to be double-minded (Proverbs 20:10, NLT).

All of us have been tempted to adjust our personalities and opinions to fit the environment we’re in. And if you’ve given into the pressure to fit in, you know that double-mindedness is exhausting and unfulfilling. 

But there is another way. 

Asking Jesus into our lives changes everything. 

We were all born sinful (Proverbs 20:9). But Jesus paid for our sin and invites us into a relationship with Him. We don’t get saved because we’re smart or special, but because God is loving and merciful. He gave us the ability to hear the Gospel and see that we need a Savior (Proverbs 20:12). 

When we understand the grace God has given us, it changes us. We can stop trying to fit in and stop chasing the next big thing because we realize nothing will fulfill us the way God’s love can. 

We don’t have to suffer from the same identity crisis as everyone else because our identity is based on who we are in Christ.

The best test of whether we’re finding our identity in Christ is to consider whether our lives are different now than when we first started following Jesus. Just like a child is known as a good kid or bad kid based on his or her behavior, our identity as a Jesus follower is demonstrated by how we live (Proverbs 20:11). When He changes our hearts, it will inevitably change our behavior. 

So ask yourself: Am I living a double standard? Or am I pursuing what is right no matter the social cost?


  • How would your best friends or close family members describe you? 
  • Would you consider your conduct pure and upright? What if anything needs to change?
  • Can you remember a time when you gave your life to Jesus? Learn more about salvation or email us at

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