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In Proverbs 3:21-22, Solomon writes, “My son, preserve sound judgment and discernment… they will be life for you.”

The world has done a pretty good job convincing people that reason and Christianity conflict with one another. You see this in quesitons like, if God were all loving, why would he let such bad things happen to good people? Or, wouldn’t a God who wants us to love him reveal himself to us? Why is he so hidden? Sadly, these are all questions based on false assumptions. The Bible shows us that reason is a gift from God, and reason applied to truth will lead people God every time.

Consider the questions from above. It is not God’s will that bad things happen to people, nor is He trying to hide from us. It is a spiritual impossibility for perfection to live with imperfection. And God is a perfect god. He is not subject to our definitions of perfection, instead our understanding of perfection must be based on Him. When we see that we are imperfect because of our sins, we understand we responsible for bad things happening, not God. We are the ones pushing God away until we can’t see Him anymore. Our own imperfection prohibits God from living as intimately with us as He wants.

Christianity is reasonable because it provides the only reasonable solution to being separate from God – something must take away our imperfection. Jesus came to Earth to pay the penalty for every detestable act, word and thought we’ve ever had or will have. He took our sin to the grave and left it there so that through Him we could experience the perfect unity God intended for His creation.

Don’t let anyone tell you that following Christ is contrary to reason. God is reason, and putting our faith in Him is the most reasonable thing we can ever do.

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