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Redirecting Glory

What is something we can’t see or smell and might not know is there, but it can destroy us? If you guessed Carbon Monoxide you’re right. When undetected, it can kill. There’s something else just as lethal. It grows gradually, but when left unchecked, it can take us out. It’s called pride.

The book of Proverbs addresses pride head on. It’s the root of many sins, and God hates it. Proverbs 16:18 tells us, “pride comes before destruction, [and] a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 11:2 says disgrace follows pride, but wisdom follows humility.

Pride tells us that we are better than others. It tells us we can do life by ourselves with help from no one else. Pride can keep us from taking next steps like being baptized or joining and serving in the local church. Humility, however, puts others first. Humility allows us to listen more and talk less. It deflects selfishness and redirects all glory to Christ.

James 1:17 reminds us “every good and perfect gift is from above.” When we are tempted to glorify our own talents, treasures or ability to take on life single-handedly, we must remember it is Christ who gave us the strength we have.


  • Is there pride in your life? How can you take the glory you give yourself and reflect it back on Christ?
  • Has pride prevented you from taking your next step? What can you do to humble yourself and live the life God has called you to live?


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