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Run Away!

The cold sweetness of ice cream excites my taste buds in a way almost nothing else can. Knowing I should drive past the Dairy Queen is not enough. Actually driving past the DQ is what keeps me from putting on weight.

Other than a few extra pounds to work off, there are no lasting side effects from  giving in to the occasional ice cream. Many other decisions have more serious negative consequences. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 6 about one of the most dangerous: sexual sin. Paul explains how to avoid the danger in verse 18; “Flee from sexual immorality.”  What Paul is saying is pretty straightforward. Don’t go toward, don’t get close, don’t stay close to danger. Run away!  

We can succeed at fleeing from dangerous behavior. To avoid ice cream, it’s not smart for me to sit in the DQ parking lot, read the drive-thru menu, watch others enjoying their goodies, or go inside the store if I am serious about not giving in. Instead, we must choose to avoid the places, situations and circumstances that make it difficult not to give in to temptation. Looking at pornography; flirting with the person you know you shouldn’t date -- any behavior that shortens the distance between our good intentions and a sexually sinful act is a bad idea. When you play with fire, getting burned is a lot more likely.  

Think of sexual immorality like a prowling, hungry beast.  When we sense its presence, or even its possibility, we need to simply run away.    


  • What situations do you need to avoid where sinful sexual behavior is available?
  • We weren't meant to do life alone. Is there someone you can talk to about your struggles? Someone who will hold you accountable for making wise choices and celebrate with you when you succeed? What steps can you take this week to develop accountability with another believer in the church?



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