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Safety and Protection

Working out of town keeps me on the highway for long stretches of time, and I find myself thankful for each journey that concludes with a safe arrival at my destination. When recounting the road trips, however, I have to catch myself as I am often tempted to boast about my excellent driving skills. In truth, I know without a doubt my safety rests solely in God’s hands and not my own. Psalm 121:2 tells me, “My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

I am ashamed to recall how many times I’ve been behind the wheel so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open or the car on the road. I can remember driving during the winter months when the sun went down early, and I had trouble seeing. On many rainy nights, my vision was even worse. I have been in bumper-to-bumper traffic that disbanded at the scene of an accident with a distressed family standing helpless on the side of the road. As far as driving is concerned, I feel I’ve seen and done it all, and the Lord has always been faithful to protect me.

Like He does on my countless road trips, I know that God watches over me every moment of every day. The Lord is in control of my safety on and off the road. Psalm 121 promises the Lord will keep us from harm as he watches over our lives both now and forever. I can find peace as I trust that my safety lies with the one who will never let my foot slip. 


  • Where have you seen God keep you from harm?
  • Is there fear in your life that you are allowing to hold you back from taking your next steps?
  • How can you trust God to protect you and keep you safe as you conquer those fears?

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