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Sexual Purity

God created sex as an intimate, beautiful act between husband and wife. Sadly, sin has corrupted it. The media has made it an idol. Clothing advertisements feature half-naked models, pornography is just another New York Times best seller, and television shows idolize promiscuity. Children know things about sex that most adults didn’t know until they were married, and our culture encourages their exploration.

Society accepts sexual activity as normal. It never tells of the hurt, brokenness and regret that accompany sex outside of marriage. I spent years sure that sleeping around was the way to find someone who loved me. When one partner didn’t care to pursue a relationship, I moved on to the next. But I never found the love I wanted. When we buck God’s design for sex, it can destroy our perception of our value and ruin families, careers and ministries.

For a while, I thought God didn’t want me to have fun or fit in with the rest of the world. But God was trying to protect me from the pain that inevitably follows promiscuity. He wanted me to remain pure so I could experience the emotional bonds of sex in complete freedom in marriage. He knows the outcome of sexual impurity and loves us enough to warn us.

Are the relationships you’re in, the shows you watch or the magazines you read leading you toward impurity? Through the Holy Spirit, God has given us the power to walk away from temptation. What does that look like for you today?

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