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Shout Louder

Have you ever shared a dream with someone only to be laughed at or discouraged? Did you let the dream be killed by the discouragement? So often, we base our decisions on others’ opinions. We want to be cool and to fit in. And because we choose to do what the crowd is telling us instead of what God is telling us, we miss out on opportunities to see and do some amazing things.

In Mark 10, a blind man is begging on the side of the road when Jesus passes by. When the blind man realizes it is Jesus, the man begins to call out to Him, asking for mercy. As the man shouts, a crowd of people rebuke him and try to quiet him.

At this point, the blind man has a decision to make. He can listen to the crowd and stop crying out to Jesus, or he can continue to beg Jesus for mercy. The blind man chooses to ignore the crowd and shout "all the more." As a result, Jesus stops to listen and immediately heals him.

Imagine if the blind man had stopped calling out for mercy. He would not have received healing. He experienced a miracle because he relied on his faith in Jesus's willingness and ability to heal instead of succumbing to the pressure of the crowd.

Hebrews 13:8 says Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. That means the same Jesus who healed a blind man wants to work miracles in our lives today. Are you will to cry out to Him without fear of what others might think?


  • Can you think of a time that you followed Jesus instead of the crowd and experienced a miracle?
  • If no one was watching you, what would you do ask Jesus for or do in His name? What’s stopping you from doing that today?

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