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Snap Decisions

In Genesis 39, Joseph finds himself in quite a predicament. His boss's wife tries to convince him to come to bed with her. Joseph, being a man of God, refuses to give in to the temptation, so the jilted woman gets him thrown into jail.

Do you read this and marvel at Joseph's self-control? A "well-built and handsome man" is approached by a beautiful woman, and at a moment's notice he is forced to make a decision. Joseph's unwavering obedience to the Lord, even in times of temptation, didn't happen by accident. The ability to choose wisdom over emotion in a snap decision comes from spending time with Jesus daily.

Proverbs repeatedly encourages us to seek wisdom, especially through the memorization of scripture. One of the most powerful tools the Lord has given us is His word, and we can develop an obedience like Joseph's by arming ourselves with the wisdom found in the Bible. By memorizing scripture, seeking wisdom and understanding God's promises, we can be better equipped when we find ourselves faced with a decision. We can rely on God's word to reign over the temptation.


  • Have you ever found yourself faced with temptation and had a choice to make? Did you choose wisdom or emotion? If you chose emotion, how could you better prepare yourself to choose wisdom if faced with that decision again?
  • Identify a recurring sin issue or temptation in your life. How can you use scripture to help you combat that issue?

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