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Spread Like Wildfire

I was watching the news recently and couldn’t take my eyes off the coverage of a wildfire raging out west. It was all consuming, ever growing and unstoppable. It was blinding and dangerous, and despite everything else, its power was beautiful.

The combination of wind and fire is capable of creating a wildfire that is out of control. It can create a powerful force that consumes everything in its path. The church is capable of this kind of force as well. It is a movement that, when fanned by the wind and flames of the Holy Spirit, the gospel and community, is unstoppable.

Acts 2 describes a rapidly growing church built on the gospel being presented by people filled with the Holy Spirit. It describes a church in which people aren’t concerned with staying small enough for everyone to know each other, but instead, aiming to grow big enough for everyone to know Jesus. It’s a church that values fellowship and unity, and because of the togetherness of its people, they grow in depth of faith as well as in numbers. It’s a church that understands that Jesus is the universal language, and that through Him, nothing is impossible.

As a church, we must continue to model our behavior after the church depicted in Acts. We must remember that building a church is not a momentary thing. We don’t have to be scared of growing attendance or worried that we won’t know everyone if we keep getting bigger. Instead, we must embrace the church as an all-consuming movement. It is a vessel that Jesus is using to bring more people to Him. 


  • Do you feel like you get lost in a big church? How can you get plugged into community?
  • How can you invite people that may feel disconnected from church into your community?

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