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Sun Stand Still

Have you ever experienced a “sun stand still” moment? Have you ever seen a display of incredible faith backed by action in your life or someone else’s? Joshua’s story is powerful. He asked God to make the sun and moon stand still. There was no doubt in Joshua’s request. He was sure of what he was asking for, knowing it would happen before he ever uttered the words. God answered and caused the sun to stand still.

How would our prayers and supplications be different if we fully acknowledged that God, the same God who caused the gigantic ball of fire in the sky to halt, is still alive and in charge today? He hasn’t changed, and He never will change. He’s still just as capable of awesome miracles and movements as He was in Bible times. But how convinced of that truth are we, really?

Over the next 21 days, we will delve into examples of audacious and incredible faith. We will continue to seek out ways to grow our faith to the level of Joshua’s, expecting much more than we ever have before. We will uncover the the forces and reasons that lie behind the choices that are revered as “gigantic leaps of faith.”

Are you ready to believe?

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