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This week in Daily Devotionals we are going to look at evangelism in scripture! We are asking God to save 3,000 people at NewSpring Church, and all of us are going to have to move out of our comfort zone to see this happen. As you pray through the Pray for 3k guide and read devotionals about evangelism, think about who YOU should invite to church this weekend.

Matthew 16:15-16

User reviews. Customer ratings. Personal comments. Facebook Likes. Twitter retweets. Everywhere you look, people eagerly share their opinion. They tell the world about the great experience they had at that restaurant; why you should never buy those ridiculously uncomfortable and overpriced shoes; or how they haven’t laughed that hard in a movie since that Steve Carell scene in Bruce Almighty. Businesses all over the world know the value of a good, or bad, testimony. If it’s a friend talking, we’re more likely to pay attention. But even if an acquaintance or someone we really don’t like shares their thoughts, they have the ability to alter our behavior. If you want to change things, just get people talking.

No one knew this better than Jesus. People all over Israel talked about Him. Many religious Jews hated Him. Poor, struggling or sick people loved Him. And rich people were curious about Him. When He asked His disciples, “[W]ho do you say that I am?”, Peter replied, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:15-16, emphasis added). It matters who we believe Jesus is, and it matters what we tell others about Him.

If we share our beliefs about trivial, temporal things so easily, we ought to share the truth about Jesus all the more. How did you meet Christ? How has He changed your life? Why does knowing God matter to you? Tell others about it. You never know who it might change.

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