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The Last Word

I don’t think my mom didn’t trust me, I just think she’s thorough. In high school, when she left me home alone for the weekend, she left me three pages of instructions, taped to the kitchen counter. Feed the cat was written and highlighted at least four times. If you’ve ever watched someone’s home or pets while they are gone, the owner always leaves instructions.

Before Jesus left the earth, He gave His disciples instructions about what to do next. He entrusted them with an extraordinary task: share the Gospel. The news of His resurrection was too good to keep to themselves. “Go and make disciples of all nations” is more than a recommendation. The last command Jesus gave before leaving earth was given not just for 11 men, but for all of us: the Church.

With this directive, He gave them two facts to encourage them to complete this task. He declared that all authority on both heaven and earth belonged to Him. This means that there is nothing that happens that is out of His control and not motivated by His care for us. We can fearlessly share the gospel because Jesus controls all circumstances and outcomes. Second, He proclaimed that He would always be with them. Ironically, this was his final statement before He left.

So, how is this true? We, like the disciples who boldly spread the gospel in Acts, are empowered by the Holy Spirit, God’s spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Today, know that Jesus is in control and He has enabled you to share the Gospel.


  • What are some fears you have about sharing your faith?
  • How do Jesus’ declarations in this passage encourage you to overcome those fears?
  • How do you practice making disciples?

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